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Alaska Trip Notes

I'm being really slow about posting entries about the rest of my Alaska trip, so I'm posting my notes. This might help me post entries from a different computer, and it might help me remember things once if I don't get entries posted.


DosBox for Frac

all-day flying

Palmer Museum
Palmer Colonial House museum
Musk Ox farm
Reindeer farm
halibut dinner - halibut baked in cracker crumbs, halibut grilled with cajun seasoning, halibut with crazy salt, halibut in foil with onions,
Headline: "Yup, it's hot: Tuesday hits a record 80 degrees"

Alaska Native Heritage Center
Aurora film
dinner at Sourdough Mining Company -- barbecued brisket for Ralph, fried halibut for Lori
Alaska Wild Berries--chocolate fountain

Iditarod Headquarters
Hatcher Pass
Independence Mine
moose near the road on way back
halibut tacos

Anchorage Museum of Art and History
Lunch: Muse (museum cafe) - golden seared scallops on angel hair pasta for Ralph, roasted beet salad and smoked salmon BLT for Lori
Anchorage shops -- Oomingmak, gift shops
Phyllis's - seafood salad for Ralph, crab cakes for Lori.

Train trip to Denali National Park
Bartender with curled mustache, guide who had yachted around the world
Breakfast on train: eggs, potatoes, reindeer sausage
Steward, Alaska: "husband gets elected every year, but he screws up and the wife impeaches him"
Lunch on train: reindeer chili, "key lime torte" for dessert
Curry, Alaska
Cantwell, Alaska: electricity -> TV in the bar -> America's Most Wanted -> bartender is wanted felon -> mayor gives tour to FBI agents -> mayor arrested for real estate fraud
Joke about railroad employee in moose suit
Denali: walked from WAC down to Glitter Gulch for horse carriage tour (which we missed), did shops, weighed down by gym bag
Dinner: Salmon Bake: King Crab Legs and pecan pie for Ralph; halibut crusted with parmesan and asiago, peanut butter brownie torte for Lori
To hostel

Breakfast at Creekside Cafe: eggs, reindeer sausage, hash browns for Ralph, pancakes and ham for Lori
Shuttle bus tour to Eielson: saw specks that might be sheep, caribou, grizzly bear with cubs. Didn't see Denali
Lunch of snack food
Dinner at Overlook -- charred burgers
Dessert at Creekside Cafe: "Wilmer Family's special strawberry and rhubarb coffee cake" for Ralph, carrot cake for Lori

Breakfast at Creekside Cafe: Oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar for Lori, biscuit and gravy for Ralph, giant cinnamon roll shared
Sled dog demonstration
Train to Anchorage -- no air conditioning
Lunch on train: seafood salad sandwich for Ralph, smoked salmon spread for Lori
Dinner on train: Cod tortilla soup and fettuccine with vegetables for Ralph, pork ribs for Lori; dessert: fruit of the forest pie

Trip to Seward
Lunch: Fred Meyer
Alaska Sealife Center
Tiny house in Seward
Dinner: Chinook's: Seafood Sauté plus $7 king crab for Ralph, Smoked Salmon Pasta with $7 king crab for Lori
Trivial Pursuit

Sea life cruise
Captain missing two arms
Lunch: bagel and tasty smoked salmon
sea lions
whale with calf
sea otter
Dinner at Apollo: (see iPhone)
trip to lodge
broken car door

Halibut fishing cruise
Captain Travis and Adam
Joe and Hector
massive seasickness
"I've put more into the ocean than I've taken out, and I might still be having more fun than shopping with my wife."
58-inch halibut
beating halibut to death "not more halibut than you can shake a stick at"
Dinner: Sourdough Express in Homer: burrito for Ralph, grilled salmon for Lori. Dessert: bread pudding for Lori and Frances, Rhubarb-strawberry crisp with raspberry for Ralph

Jaden crawling
Adam: "Thanks for the crabs and the fishin' and baitin', thanks for the Meltons and the Graves and Jaden"
Drive back to Anchorage/Wasilla
Lunch: Summit Lake Inn: Halibut tacos for Ralph, ranch chicken sandwich for Lori
Dinner: Glacier Brewhouse: wood-grilled salmon on rice cake with roasted corn and grilled asparagus for Ralph, wood-rotisserie chicken quarter for Lori. Dessert: bread pudding for Ralph, peanut butter pie for Lori
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