Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Roadfood Eating Tour -- Hasty Notes from Sunday

- First: Beef on Weck at Schwabl's. We have the restaurant all to ourselves, and they've hired extra carvers just for us. The beef on weck is delicious, and comes with delicious German potato salad. The coleslaw is merely excellent, so we manage to avoid eating much of that.
- Ted's Red Hots. Nice hot dog with just a little snap. Pretty good thin onion rings. Loganberry juice tastes like Kool-Aid.
- Across the street to Anthony's Frozen Custard. We share a Pumpkin-vanilla twist cone. Very nice.
- To Anchor Bar, the most-named site for the origin of the Buffalo wing. Michael Stern sits at our table. We consider ordering a single beef on weck sandwich for the whole table, but by the time we have a chance to place the order, we have eaten too many wings. Good wings.
- Bus ride back to the hotel. Surprise! Jojo proposes to Mike on the bus. Much cheering.
- Another trip to Antoinette's. "Mint-pineapple" topping on the menu leads us to a vanilla sundae topped with pineapple, green mint syrup, whipped cream (piped from a pastry bag) and peanuts. Mint-pineapple verdict: slightly odd, but very tasty.
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