Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

[Pandemic] Sorry about that, Africa

Today, we made our first attempt at playing a four-player, six-Epidemic game.

For most of the game, we were doing okay. We were doing an agressive job of keeping trouble spots under control, because we've learned that it's much easier to keep things under control than to fix them once they start to go pear-shaped.

Africa was starting to heat up, a bit, so Andy headed down there and built a research station.
At of his actions, there were two cubes on Johannesburg, two cubes on Kinshasa, and one cube on Lagos.
Over the course of his infection phase and the infection phases of the next two players, drew Kinshasa and Johannesburg again, putting three cubes on each.

Then I drew an Epidemic, putting each of those two cities at "could outbreak" danger levels.
Then, for my infection phase, I drew Kinshasa as the first card: a chain reaction of two outbreaks, which also brought Lagos and Khartoum to two cubes each.
As the second infection card, I drew Johannesburg: another chain reaction through Johannesburg and Kinshasa. And the two cubes from the chain reaction made Khartoum outbreak.
And Khartoum's outbreak pushed Lagos into outbreaking as well.
Total: six outbreaks in one infection phase.
We managed to survive until the next outbreak, but it was pretty much a foregone conclusion from there.
Tags: pandemic
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