Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Pretzel Sandwiches

A thread about pretzel sandwiches on Roadfood.com provoked me to a rant that I enjoyed enough to save to LJ:

However, this topic provokes me to rant about one of the most fundamentally misconceived meals I've ever eaten:

More than a decade ago, a Loew's movie theater opened near us with a restaurant inside. We ate there once when we were running late for a movie, because it would be so convenient to eat at a nice restaurant inside the theater that it was worthwhile to experiment with that restaurant.

I ordered a pulled pork barbecue sandwich served on a pretzel roll. It wouldn't be authentic, of course, but it might still be tasty.

Perhaps the fundamental flaw of this sandwich is clear to you already. I no longer remember whether I thought of that problem before ordering; if I did think of it, I assumed that such an easily circumvented problem would be avoided as a matter of course.

It was not until I was served that the misbegotten nature of this sandwich became apparent.
Here's the problem: pulled pork is sloppy, and yet the pretzel roll it was served on had large holes. So when I lifted the sandwich, most of the filling fell through to the plate or my hands. And the restaurant didn't provide silverware until I asked.

I have seen in the past year that the pulled pork sandwich on a pretzel roll is still on the Loews menu.
Perhaps no one else has had an issue with the sandwich. Perhaps they have changed the sandwich to use a pretzel roll without large holes. Or perhaps they are relying on the fact that most of their patrons are eating in the dark.
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