Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

High Tea and Bunny Melt

After missing the annual High Tea and Bunny Melt last year due to home renovations, we wanted to bring it back this year.

We were both busy, so we tried to scale it down a bit--but we also felt the urge to make it nice. So we had a plastic tablecloth (because we've had too many fondue-spilling accidents), but brought out the nice china and the silver.

Menu and commentary:
Deviled eggs (made by me this time, and I think they came out very well--apparently I have a heavier hand with the mustard than most)
Tuna Salad sandwiches
Scones made by Lori (probably the best thing we had)
Petit fours from Prantl's Bakery (very good)
Burnt almond mini-cakes from Prantl's
Crescent Roll squares topped with artichoke antipasto from Trader Joes
Jellybean bark from Little Dishes

I'm really glad we had people over and we had the nice china and silver. It feels like we're moving upward toward being the kind of social people we want to be and that we've been in the past.

Tea Party

Edit: It's been pointed out that I didn't actually talk about the "bunny melt" part.
The "High Tea and Bunny Melt" tradition is to buy Easter bunnies when they get discounted after Easter, and gather on the Sunday after Easter to melt the bunnies into chocolate fondue. (Some years we've included ritualistic chocolate bunny sacrifice in the fondue ceremony.)
This year, we were full enough on all the other goodies that we never actually brought out the fondue pot.
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