Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Pandemic House Rules

Eli asked me for our house rules for Pandemic, and I'm moved to chronicle them here as well.

Our Pandemic house rules:
For the basic Pandemic game:

• Play the Operations Expert as specified in the On the Brink expansion: as well as building a research station without spending a card, they also have the power to fly from a research center to any location by spending any city card and one action.

• Choose who goes first communally, after choosing roles and looking at your initial cards and the initial disease distribution.

For the On the Brink expansion:

• Deal each player two roles, of which they choose one in consultation with others.

• The Troubleshooter may examine the top cards of the Infection deck at the beginning of every player's turn, not just his own.

• The Field Operative may sample multiple times per turn.

The Epidemiologist is still giving us trouble. As written, it seems too weak, but letting him take cards multiple times per turn was too powerful. My current idea, which we have not tested:
• The Epidemiologist may receive cards that do not match the current city on any player's turn, but only once on each player's turn.
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