Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

When we report on the vast excess of food we had for this party, I want to be quite clear that I saw it coming. (Which is not to say that I tried to avoid it.)

Here's how it happens: We're hosting a party for our friend's diaconal ordination. We are experienced at hosting our annual parties, but this one is a bit different. None of us are quite sure how many people will come, or how much they're likely to consume.

So with every decision related to the party, we've taken our guess and added about 20% to it. 20% more guests than I think is likely, 20% more food per guest, et cetera.

And each person who touches the plan adds about 10% for good measure, because everyone prefers to have too much food than too little.

So I think it very likely that we'll have a lot more food than people eat. But that's okay--I think everyone involved with the party is aware of that possibility and cheerful about the prospect.

But this is likely to result in a feast that requires fifty baskets to pick up the scraps, with no miracle involved.
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