Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Jim's Drive-in

On Sunday, we finally got around to trying Jim's Drive-in in West Mifflin.

Jim's is a hot dog shop that has been in business since 1927, and in the current location for over forty years.
Jim's Drive-in

Jim's has a special sauce for its hot dogs; it's mellow brown, translucent, and smooth, with flecks of spice. The sauce was noticeably spicy; I felt my lips glowing afterward. It was tasty; I would get it again.

I am far from a hot dog connoisseur, so I have trouble judging the hot dog. Both the hot dog and bun were griddled to be nearly black in places, but that worked well for this dog.

The french fries were good, but the cheese sauce was probably a mistake--it was no better than one would expect any melted nacho cheese to be.

Jim's Drive-in
Tags: roadfood
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