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I knew there was a point I was building to with talking about taxes...

So, I'm feeling somewhat tight on cash. (This may or may no tbe necessary, but when I see financial difficulty looming, my natural reaction is for my wallet sphincter to clench down hard.

So, in order to fund my gaming acquisitions, I actually got off my duff and finished an article for Pyramid. It's a reasonably interesting article, I think, about a cyberpunk woman whose experience of the world is less like normal cyberpunk fiction and more like my experience of computers. Which is to say that for her, computers in general don't work or don't work the way she means them to.

I have high hopes for it; I've gotten three articles published before in Pyramid.

And if I take the payment in credit for sJGames merchandise, I get double the value--and there's a lot of SJGames merchandise I want right now.

A side note on the Pyramid articles: It's entirely obvious that it is far more lucrative for me to be a software hacker than a writer in the game industry. Therefore, I've tried to be very clear to myself that any money I make from writing for Pyramid is pure "mad money", to be spent at whim, without being carefully budgeted and planned. It only sort of works, because I still end up being conscious of the limits of that whim money.
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