Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Pandemic Aug-11-2010

Harrowing game of Pandemic today. This was one of those games for which we squeaked out a victory just before inevitable catastrophe befell us.

Researcher, Dispatcher, and Generalist, 5 epidemics plus the mutation challenge.
We got an Epidemic and chain reaction of outbreaks in North America on the first turn, so that put us a step or two behind from the very beginning. We got lucky and drew our way to a yellow cure with only one yellow cube on the board, so we managed to eradicate that fairly easily-but there were purple cubes in yellow territory, so we had to go into yellow territory anyway.
During the course of the game, we got down to just a few blue cubes in reserve and clawed our way back to safety, and hit exactly zero purple cubes in reserve and clawed our way back from that.
In the endgame, our Dispatcher gathered us up on a research station, took a red card from the Researcher, and cured the red disease. I (the former Generalist, now Medic) took two cards from the Researcher, cured the black disease, and moved to the research station in Taipei to get the free treatment for the two cubes there. The Researcher went off to get a few cubes back - and drew an Epidemic that dropped three cubes in Taipei. The Dispatcher then brought back the Researcher, got a card, and cured the purple strain - but a picture of the board will show how close we were to catastrophe in East Asia.

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