Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

iPad discounts

Hey, I get employee discounts on the iPad now.

I infer from this that Apple management now believes that iPad supply is reasonably positioned to meet demand, even through the holiday season. This goes together with iPad shipping times dropping to 24 hours within the last week. (Five months after release, for those who are counting.)

I have one 25% discount and three 15% discounts. I have no idea what demand for my discounts will be; it's a fairly popular product, but most of my friends (and me) who are most likely to buy it have already bought one. I'll probably save the 25% discount for close friends until December, and then open it up if it hasn't been used by then. So if you want to use my discounts, your chances are better if you contact me early.
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