Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

New England Roadtrip, July 9, part 1: Cappy's Trackside Kitchen

Roadfood.com didn't offer us many breakfast places near Boston (only Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe, who didn't answer their phone), so I picked a breakfast place from Urbanspoon: Cappy's Trackside Kitchen. Cappy's turned out to be a little restaurant with a train theme.

I ordered the shrimp, crab, and mozzarella omelet, which was very mild-flavored. I'm used to crab being mild, but both this and the crab sandwich I had the night before were almost flavorless.

Lori ordered the caramel apple pancakes. I found them a bit too sweet, but they were pretty good.

Our strongest memory of the restaurant was the waitress, who was a young woman with an accent like a gangster's moll, sporting day-glo pink nail polish and wearing a t-shirt and track shorts. My initial guesses about her were wrong, though: she talked knowledgeably with us about our iPad and discussed her experiences with her iPhone 4.

Up next: Plimoth Plantation
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