Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


I've gotten convinced about reading e-books on my iPad. The big reason is that it couples buying books directly to reading books.

With paper books, I don't go shopping that much, and I usually can't start reading right away. So I buy plenty of books that I never get around to reading, or I intend to read books and I never get around to reading them.

But with iBooks (the e-reading solution I'm using), I can decide "I've got some free time, and I'd like to read ", and be reading that book within five minutes. And I can do this almost anywhere; I've bought a book while riding at 60 mph. And because of this close coupling, I'm willing to pay higher prices for books, because I'm confident that I will read them. (Though the total that I spend on books probably isn't increasing as much.)

I still don't have a good solution to the problem "I'd like to read something; what shall I read?" But this particular convenience of the e-book has gotten me to read more.
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