Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

New England Roadtrip, July 11, part 3: Dottie's Diner

After some antiquing in nearby Woodbury, we arrived at Dottie's Diner at 2:30, half an hour before closing time. (We would have done a lot more antiquing if we hadn't called ahead.) Dottie's may be the only place that we visited on this trip that had "Diner" in the name but didn't have any stainless steel showing on the exterior.

Inside, though, it looks completely dineresque.

We were pretty full and we had plans for dessert, so we split an order of the chicken pie. (Dottie's offers both a traditional chicken pie with just chicken, or a pie with chicken and vegetables; we ordered the version with vegetables.) This was superb. The crust was crisp, just softening under gravy. The filling was sumptuous and savory. The pie brought back fond childhood memories of my great-aunt Lois's chicken pot pie; she would have used a single biscuit crust instead of a double pie crust, but the filling is much the same, pure comfort food.
The mashed potatoes were also very rich and savory, with warm broad flavors of garlic and butter. The vegetables were excellent, but perhaps overshadowed by the chicken pie and the mashed potatoes. This was definitely one of our favorite dishes.

We had made plans for dessert from the moment that we put Dottie's on our itinerary, because the Sterns' book 500 Things to Eat Before It's Too Late mentioned the donut bread pudding. Mm, donut bread pudding. How could that be anything but decadent and delightful?
Unfortunately, I found it too rich and heavy; I would have preferred a bread pudding made from bread. My theory is this: if you feel that a cake donut is improved by being dunked in milk, then the donut bread pudding might be a winner for you.

We followed up lunch at Dottie's with more lengthy shopping at a nearby antique store. The proprietor was watching the World Cup game, which led to this interchange:
"Could you open this case for me, please? I could wait for a commercial, if that would be more convenient."
"There are no commercials. This is a real sport."
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