Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

New Mexico Roadfood Trip, September 17, part 2

Our first destination in the New Mexico State Fair was the Asbury Cafe, which buffetbuster had drawn our attention to beforehand. Asbury Cafe is a pie shop that's been operating only at the New Mexico State Fair for fifty years now, which gives all of its proceeds to local charities. I found it interesting to read more about it at http://www.asburyabq.org/cafe/ . (Donors have pie-making parties! What's not to like about that?)

I had a challenging ordering experience:
They were out of the sour cream raisin pie. (Note to self: the Asbury Cafe's recipe for sour cream raisin pie is at http://www.asburyabq.org/cafe/recipe.htm )
I ordered the green chile apple pie. They ran out of the green chile apple pie before filling my order.
So I ordered the cherry apricot pie. I didn't make it all the way through the ordering process; they removed it from the list as soon as I mentioned it.
So I ordered the blackberry peach pie. Again they ran out of this pie before filling my order. (They marked about six varieties of pie off the board while we Roadfooders were there. This picture might hint at part of the reason:
I then ordered the strawberry rhubarb pie. Out of sympathy with my difficulties, the order-taker asked, "Would you like complementary ice cream with that?" I agreed.
After a few minutes, another lady called my name and handed me a piece of pie with ice cream. As I sat down with it, the original order-taker called my name and handed me a slice of pie (without ice cream). She then realized that I already had a piece of pie in my hand, and confusion reigned for a moment. At last, she said "well, it's yours now!" My interpretation is that she had concluded that giving me extra pie was preferable to trying to deal with me any more.

These pieces of pie go a long way to explaining why I didn't eat dinner. The one with ice cream is strawberry rhubarb. The one on the right was harder to identify; the apricot was clearly identifiable, but it was harder to identify the red component. I finally identified it from a bite that clearly showed strawberry seeds. Both pies were excellent, as was the green chile apple pie I sampled from Tom's plate.

After that, we walked around the fair a bit. For me, at least, I was more interested in hanging out with the group I was with than seeing anything in particular about the fair. I think that was the case for many of the others, and so we didn't do all that much at the fair.

Tom tried the green chili dog on a stick, and reported that the green chiles added little flavor to the corn dog:

We watched some folk dancing in the Hispanic area for a bit. There was one dance in particular that perplexed me: it had several kids dancing with ribbons around a central kid who carried a platter with a papier-mâché pig. I tried to Google to learn more about this dance, but I came up blank; if anyone can shed light on this, I'd be glad.

If I recall correctly, Pixel Farmer sampled the peach habenero ice cream. He reported that it was vanilla ice cream with a peach-habenero sauce, and he liked it a lot.

Truth in advertising:

As we were drifting towards the exit, several of us slowed to watch the mechanical bull ride. After watching several people take a ride, I decided to give it a try myself.
What leads someone like me (not very athletic, not very macho) to ride the mechanical bull? I happened to be paying attention to my thinking, so I can tell you. My logic went something like this:
• Our group would have a lot more fun if one of us rode the mechanical bull.
• I expect to have no aptitude whatsoever for bull-riding. But that won't make much difference to the group's fun.
• The cost makes me flinch - but I would cheerfully pay that much for a snack to share with people. I could afford it.
I have no regrets.

Reflections about riding the mechanical bull:
• it chafed and slapped my inner thighs fiercely. The skin of my thighs felt fairly tender afterward.
• I had expected that my hat would fly off in a dramatic way during the bull ride. If I had known that it would not, I would have taken off my hat myself and waved it to enhance the dramatic effect.

Back to the hotel from there. I didn't go out again that evening.
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