Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Pandemic Oct-27-2010

Won Pandemic today. (Operations Expert, Containment Specialist, Scientist). I probably wouldn't post about this, but I'm trying to keep track of our success record for a while.

One unusual thing about this game: since the Operations Expert makes research stations much cheaper, we ended up playing research stations for immediate tactical needs much more than we usually do. Two examples:
• We had met in Khartoum to pass a card, two links away from a research station. But we played a government grant for a research station in Khartoum, just so the Scientist could cure and have actions left to get to a convenient spot.
• At the end of the game, the Scientist had the black cure in his hand, and needed one card to complete the red cure. The Operations Expert built a research station under him, so that he could cure, move to another research station, take the card he needed, and do the last cure.
Tags: pandemic
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