Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Wood 'N Things

Some good news for our bookcase quest today: we went to Wood 'N Things up north in Valencia. They offer real wood, and some nice bookcase options. And they also offer customization options - basically, for a 20% premium, you can get a bookcase customized to a slightly smaller size. Their furniture is unfinished by default, but for a 40% premium, you can get it finished - that's the option for us, because in ten years I haven't finished varnishing some of our IKEA furniture.

Prices are about half of the price we were estimated for custom work, less than half of work-plus-delivery. This is probably more than five times the price of IKEA; it's hard to tell exactly, because IKEA doesn't fit our space as well.
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