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IKEA Maunderings

The kittens eventually got off of my lap. I felt productive still, but I felt too tired to work on the article. I had more or less decided to cut and assemble Cardboard Heroes figures, but I couldn't find the X-acto knife. As I searched for it, I kept thinking about the IKEA cabinets, and by the time I eventually found the X-acto knife, I had talked myself into making the cabinets instead.

So I assembled three more cabinets. I didn't adjust or install these shelves. I'm glad of that--I think I'm too tired to do a good job of that right now.

And now I am drinking beer and posting journal entries. So now y'all get the benefit of my tired maunderings.

- I feel sure that it's not a coincidence that during this extraordinarily productive day, I was hardly thinking "Oh no, so much to do" at all.

- One of the cabinets had a gold Allen wrench instead of the usual silver one. Is this some sort of Willy Wonka thing where I get to take a tour of the secret IKEA factory and be serenaded by Swedish Oompa-Loompas?

- One of the cabinets had such a mismatch between two of the grooves that I had to do some trimming to make pieces fit properly. That's so annoying.

- On the other hand, the door hinges of these cabinets are way cool. They fit into the door in this really cunning way so that the opening door pivots really smoothly. It's hard for me to describe this in text; if you're at my house, remind me to show you. This coolness makes up for the annoyance of the mismatch.

- I was listening to the Ramones played loudly, and it still wasn't vigorous enough to keep me fully awake.

- I had another kitten moment: as I was carrying one of the cabinets downstairs to the basement, Duke ran down the stairs past me. I couldn't see where I was stepping because of the large cabinet I was carrying, and Duke didn't go by as quickly as I'd thought. I ended up stepping on him. He squealed and fled. (I didn't lose my balance, fortunately.) It put a damper on our friendship for some time.

- The kittens have a great hideout: there's a drawer-shaped space without a drawer in a set of cabinets; it's a few feet off the ground. The kittens can jump up into that space, turn around, and look out at the room, with protection from back and sides. I wish I had a space like that.

I'd thought that Lori would probably be back by now. Of well. I'm so tired that I can't wait up for her much longer. I'm going to take a shower, since I'm massively sweaty, and then I'll toddle off to bed.
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