Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Pandemic Feb-23-2011

Another game that seems as if it should be easier than it was.

Five Epidemics plus Mutation; Operations Expert, Dispatcher, Containment Specialist, Researcher.

We managed to get a cure for the red disease fairly early, and used Rapid Vaccine Deployment and Remote Treatment to eradicate it. This turned out to be enormously effective, because three of the cards we drew during Epidemics were in the red zone. We also managed to eradicate the black disease, blocking an Epidemic infection in the black zone. For many of our turns, we had no great worries at all about cubes on the board.

We had a plan for a yellow cure a turn or two after the red cure, but we took one of those yellow cards for a cure for the purple disease instead. But then we didn't eradicate the purple disease, and we were worrying about running out of purple cubes by the end of the game. And the deck dried up with yellow cards; half of the yellow cards were among the bottom six cards. Because of that, we didn't manage to win until the antepenultimate turn.

We did manage to win with no outbreaks whatsoever, which we haven't managed in a while.
Tags: pandemic
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