Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Pandemic Mar-2-2011

Very easy game today.

Five Epidemics plus the Mutation challenge. Andy played the Operations Expert, Kevin played the Containment Specialist, I was the Field Operative. (I took Field Operative to defy Andy's claim that the Field Operative was worthless.)

Our starting three-cube cities were in Ho Chi Minh City, Atlanta, and Miami. Andy went off to treat Ho Chi Minh city, and then drew an Epidemic that dropped three cubes in Chicago. This was a stroke of luck, because it meant that Kevin could treat all three hot spots in one turn. This left me to go sample cubes. I went to sample red cubes, and then I got another stroke of luck: I drew two red cards to match the one that I had in my starting hand, so by the end of my first turn I knew that I could cure the red disease on my second turn.
We managed to capitalize on that and set up Andy to eradicate the red disease on the turn after I cured it.

Another piece of luck: the second mutation cube came up in Lima, which I held in my hand. I was planning on an early cure for the purple disease, but postponed for a turn to avert a possible black outbreak - and that turn got me three black cards and an easy route to a third black cubes.

More luck: Andy twice drew four cards of a color, and it worked out that Kevin could move to a city corresponding to a card he held, and Andy could fly to that city, take the card, build a research station, and get the cure.

We won before the fourth Epidemic came out, with no outbreaks. On my last turn, I sampled a black cube, moved to a research station, cured the black disease - and then Kevin played New Assignment to let me take the Scientist role, so I could use my four remaining cards to cure the purple disease. Then Andy hopped to Kevin in Johannesburg, took his Johannesburg card, built a research station, and cured the yellow disease for a smooth victory.

Andy took this as a sign that we've mastered the Mutation challenge. I think we had such great good luck in this game that almost anything would have been easy.
Tags: pandemic
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