Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Raleigh Roadfood Trip, Feb-20-2010, Part 3: Char-Grill, and final notes

After Crook's Corner, we had time for one more stop, so we followed Chris's lead to the Char-Grill.

The Char-Grill has a fairly unusual ordering system: you fill out an order form with a golf pencil and hand it in.

The burgers and fries were good, but I don't remember many outstanding details. I do recall that Chris demonstrated by example that a burger with chili and mustard could be a good combination.

Final notes:

- This area is Pepsi country (no surprise, since it's close to where Pepsi was created). Every place we sought soda had Pepsi products. This was a vexation to Lori, because she strongly prefers Diet Coke to Diet Pepsi.

- My major impression of the terrain we drove by was lots of pine trees. My impression was probably biased by the fact that the deciduous trees were all dormant, but as it was, it reminded me of the Piney Woods area of Texas.

- We used the iPad as our GPS (with MotionX-GPS Drive) and it worked excellently. The big screen meant that Lori could hold it on her lap and I could easily glance over and see the map. We only had one GPS hiccup, and it was minor (though I don't think we were ever far from good signal). The iPad ran fine off the car charger, but couldn't charge and run the screen at the same time. But leaving the iPad plugged in to the car while we were in a restaurant charged it well.

- It was tricky to coordinate activities across several groups in several cars. A week afterward, I learned of a service called GroupMe ( http://www.groupme.com ) that lets you set up a group of people such that you can text them all by texting to a single number. I'm interested in trying that for the next venture like this.

- The Raleigh-Durham airport has a used bookstore near the gate we left from. I was so pleased by this delightful civility that I bought a couple books that I didn't really need.
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