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I am hugely grateful for all the commentary on my photo kvetching. It really makes me feel befriended.

I think that a part of what I need to do to get better with photography is to try new things, make mistakes, and learn from them. And at this moment, I'm inclined to try to do my critical understanding out loud, in hopes of making my mistakes vivid enough that even I can spot them. I invite comment on all of these.

So, immediately after making this resolution, I made a doozy of a mistake:

This is a pure screwup, but it's sort of fascinating. It looks like a UFO visiting at night. The mistake: I had the camera close to the glass to take a picture out the window, and I accidentally had the flash on. The flash produced a lot of light that clobbered all the sunlight tht was available. I expect that there's nothing that can be done to make this resemble what I saw, but it's sort of intriguing - it makes it a bit clearer how parapsychologists make mistakes that lead to seeing orbs.

This is the picture I meant to take:

The light was morning sunlight coming from the right side, at about a 45-degree angle to the horizon. I was looking at the sharp, well-defined shadows in this. But there's nothing in this picture to say "look particularly at this". This might look better if I took a closeup or cropped it down to just a patch of bushes, so that it said "no, really, look at the bushes, not the house."

I took this picture because I thought the subject was interesting: I saw this disassembled computer as I was walking through the park, and it looked so out of place that it was intriguing. But I didn't think that this picture would turn out well; on the iPhone screen, it looked washed-out and faded. I considered trying to rearrange the computer parts, but I decided that it was important to me that I was photographing the parts as they were. (I could have moved around to look for different angles, though.) It turned out better than I expected, though; the details came out very sharp. I think this is the sort of light that the iPhone does best with - which, sadly, doesn't mesh well with

One last piece of photoplay: I downloaded the Color Splash app, because hey, it was $0.99 - which is to say that the money cost is much smaller than the labor cost of figuring out how to use it. Here's the before and after:
I think that the color-splashed picture is more engaging; there's a lot of visual noise in the background of the picture, and reducing that to grey draws my eye more to the crocus.
The color-splashed picture looks very "crafted", which, well, it is. But I think I'm okay with that - perhaps more comfortable than with pictures closer to the middle of the crafted-natural spectrum.

Here's the same technique applied to a Filthydelphia burger from BRGR. (This was the first time I'd seen "truffle cheese whiz" on a menu.) I think I should have posed this burger somewhat differently, since this shows off the bun to good effect, but the bun shadows the cheese and meat.
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