Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

I went to JT's Rib Shack for dinner tonight, and JT was there; I haven't seen him since my first visit slightly over a year ago.

He recognized me, and we chatted a bit. Business is busy for him; he's had a couple of very big catering jobs just recently. But we'd both much rather that be the case than not having enough business. He mentioned reading my writings on roadfood.com, particularly this thread on Pittsburgh barbecue.

He opened up his smoker for me and asked if I could identify the wood he was using by its scent. I couldn't, and he said it was apple. The apple smoke and the ribs smelled mighty fine.

I really enjoy being on a friendly basis with proprietors like this. I feel like this is an excellent lead-in to next week's New Orleans Roadfood Festival.

JT's barbecue
Two brisket sandwiches, some grilled wings, mac and cheese, and green beans. The brisket was excellent as usual. The wings were very tender - they easily came apart at a touch. The green beans were very tender and very flavorful; I didn't find any bits of meat, but I expect that there was a fair bit of pork in the cooking liquid.

Photo notes: This demonstrates that the iPhone can actually handle incandescent lighting; I took these in the dining room, with the chandelier behind me. I had a lot of trouble finding a position that wouldn't have my shadow falling across the food, so I ended up taking the shot from a position to the right of the row of food. Closeups of the food might have been more interesting, but we were both hungry and eager to eat.
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