Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


I stopped running instances because my laptop developed an unpleasant habit of shutting off unpredictably.

I switched to an old laptop, but things got busy, and I wasn't able to play WoW heavily for a while.

Then we were busy preparing for the New Orleans trip, and weren't able to play WoW for a while.

Then we came back from New Orleans, and my new laptop had arrived. It took me a few days to set up my environment on it, then we got busy with some other things.

We'd planned that we'd spend this weekend playing WoW heavily, but with one thing and another, we didn't sit down to log in until Sunday evening.

And then, I realized that when I got a warranty replacement for my phone on Friday, I forgot to unregister the Blizzard authenticator. So I'm locked out of my account even longer.

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