Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

New Orleans Roadfood Festival, Mar-26-2011: Late-night Carriage Tour

Lori reminds me that I neglected to chronicle one last activity of Saturday night: we took a carriage ride.

We would have been happy to make our carriage ride a one-way ride back to the hotel, but all the carriages we found were offering tours. We joined one carriage and waited quite some time while the driver tried to scrounge up more passengers to make it a group. Finally, he managed to find two drunken college students who were willing to take a tour.

I don't remember much of the content of the tour, actually. I do remember my involuntary alarm at how the driver would turn around to face us as he was talking to us. I had to forcibly remember that the mule provided another pair of eyes, and would not crash us into anything.

It happened a couple of times that the driver would stop the carriage to tell us about something, see bystanders listening, and send the carriage on to be out of earshot. More vexing: this would cause him to lose track of what he was talking about. I think that he would probably have been better off considering this overhearing as "unplanned advertising" rather than "piracy".
Tags: roadfood
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