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New Orleans Roadfood Festival, Mar-27-2011: Return to the Festival

I think that New Orleans is an easier city than most in which to make money with just a clever sign.

She advised us to get a divorce, which I think certainly qualifies as bad advice. But I was hoping for more; I was hoping for some stunningly grand piece of epically cataclysmic advice, like Love Secrets of Bonnie and Clyde or Iago's advice to Othello. This wasn't even at the level of "appearing on the Jerry Springer Show will lead to an sensitive and compassionate exploration of your issues."

I made sure to sample Vaucresson's hot sausage, because I had neglected to try it last year. From my time in Pittsburgh, I've come to expect "hot sausage" to be Italian hot sausage, and this was not at all like Italian sausage. It was more like a hot link from Texas Hill Country; it was a very taut, plump sausage, with pork seasoned with plenty of cayenne pepper. This po-boy wasn't dressed at all, and I think it would have been better with some sort of condiments, though I'm not sure what - this might have been a good sandwich to serve with coleslaw.

The pulled pork sliders from Central BBQ in Memphis, TN were pretty good - but my loyalties are definitely with Louie Mueller.

We stopped for a while to watch Smoking Time Jazz Club performing. We bought a CD, and this made me feel it was reasonable to record more than a snippet of video - and the video is a worthwhile souvenir, because they had dancers as well as musicians. But I made a noob mistake with my video; I'm so used to swapping between landscape and portrait with the photos I take that I flipped from landscape to portrait while recording video. So here's a snippet instead.

Lori got a cupcake from Cupcakes & Co. The cupcake was frosted to order, and she ordered the creole cream cheese frosting. The cake was moist and tender, and the cream cheese frosting was very tasty - but we couldn't identify what was "creole" about it, and neither could the staffer. (We had better luck on the creole cream cheese question later.)

Another tamale from Tucson Tamale Co., because Lori had missed my Saturday tamale and we'd both been pleased by our conversations with the Tucson Tamale folks at the opening night party. This, too, was very soft and tender; the texture of the filling was like that of pulled pork, with only a bit of seasoning.

It was another hot day, and we both yearned to sit down for a bit, so we stopped in Antoine's Annex. They offered an unusual beverage: their lemonade was unsweetened (though it could be optionally sweetened). I ordered a glass with interest, because the usual lemonade I get at Pittsburgh-area fairs is far too sweet for my taste. It did convince me that a bit of sugar in my lemonade is a good thing; the unsweetened lemonade wasn't too sour for me, but it just tasted like lemons, and it needed a bit of something to round out the flavors and make it more refreshing.
Lori chose her lemonade to be sweetened with raspberry Italian syrup. It was tasty, but a bit sweet for my taste.

I snapped a photo of Lori as she took a sip of my lemonade, in hopes of capturing a repeat of the extraordinary face she made when first sampling Braums' limeade. (We stopped at a Braums as we were driving through Kansas in 2007, and I ordered a limeade. I really enjoy Braums' limeade, because it's got a lot of lime and not much sugar, so I find it wonderfully refreshing. Lori's expectations for limeade were very different from mine, though, and when she took a sip, she puckered up into exactly the extreme-pucker face that cartoons use for "ate a lemon".) But her reaction to the unsweetened lemonade was not nearly as extreme. Of course, she's on guard when she samples drinks of mine now - I may never capture that face.

Lori's main goal for Sunday was a return trip to the baked Alaska. I liked it a bit better today, and it's very possible that a big reason why is that it looked much more dramatic today:

We had done most of our Turtle Alley shopping on Saturday, because we were eager to see Hallie again and because we knew that she had sold out of many things on Saturday in 2010. But apparently I didn't take a picture, so we stopped again... and filled another bag with goodies. Hallie is so nice and so friendly that it would be a pleasure to visit with her if she were selling eggplant-on-a-stick - but the excellent chocolate is a splendid thing too.
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