Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

West Coast Roadtrip, Jul-3-2011

On Sunday, we met Sean and Jane and their kids for brunch at Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe, at their suggestion. I was a little wary of expecting gastronomic delights, because the Sterns' review on Roadfood is unusually tepid; it begins with "We were not charmed with most of the food at Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe, but the place itself is hard to resist."
We've had some so-so meals from places the Sterns recommended more enthusiastically, so this poor recommendation seemed to bode ill. But our experience did not match theirs: all our food was very good.

The Sterns were right about the exuberant cow theme, especially in the room where we were seated:

The blueberry coffee cake was moist and flavorful.

Sean ordered the green eggs and ham (tinted with pesto), though I didn't sample it:

I think the kids got the french toast. Again, I didn't taste it, but I'm impressed with how thick it is:

Lori's smoked salmon omelet was very good. The menu says the salmon was smoked on-site.

I chose the smoked salmon hash, and it was excellent (far better than my picture suggests--I think my better picture got eaten by a camera failure). The salmon had a clear, vivid smoke flavor, and the bright, tart flavor of the capers made it a really delightful entree. (The hash browns, though, were greasy and not at all crisp.)

After brunch, we went back to Green Lake, so that the adults could talk and the kids could run around. Another medley of Green Lake photos:

We went our separate ways for the afternoon. As we pulled away from Green Lake, we were captivated by this farm stand:

We asked if they had a way to wash off the cherries, and the salesman showed us a faucet and a sieve he'd provided for the purpose. We bought half a pound of cherries and enjoyed them in the car; they were juicy and delectable.

We met with Sean and Jane for dinner (without the kids) at Charlie's on Broadway. (Occam's Razor argues against the conclusion that Jimmy and Charlie are brothers, and "'s on Broadway" is their surname.) The food was good, but memory hides the details--except that Jane's bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers were hot enough that she had to disassemble them and remake them into a more pleasant form.

For dessert, we visited a favorite of Lori's from past visits: Dilettante Chocolates. Dilettante is a small chain in Seattle; this particular location added a level of fancy by including a mocha cafe and chocolate martini bar.

The four of us shared two desserts: the dark ephemere mousse and the coupe sundae with dark fudge and caramel. I hope Lori will chime in with a description of the desserts, because she loved the mousse.

After we split up, Lori expressed a desire to go to the top of the Space Needle, since we'd not done that in our previous visits. There was a brisk wind blowing that made it very cold. We got a nifty bonus view, though: some communities around had done their July 4 fireworks a day early, so we got to look down upon distant fireworks.

We also got a bonus once we had left the rooftop: a couple riding down in the elevator with us offered us their Citypasses (good for six Seattle attractions over the course of a week), since they were leaving town and had only visited the Space Needle. We cheerfully accepted.
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