Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

West Coast Roadtrip, Jul-4-2011

This post goes out to my dentist, Dr. McCormley, who told Lori to urge me to post more often. Knowing that people enjoy what I write is a major motivator for me to post these.

We would not consider a trip to Seattle complete without a visit to Pike Place Market. We had checked the Pike Place Market website and seen that it was open on July 4, so visiting then would work out well.

We arrived in time for lunch and went to Lowell's ("almost classy since 1957"). Lowell's has a somewhat complicated layout: the first floor serves takeout seafood, the second floor offers table service, and the third floor providers seating for people bringing food up from the first floor. We were lazy; we chose the second floor.

For an appetizer, we chose the salmon-potato croquettes, about which I remember little.

I ordered the Dungeness crab roll. I found this a significant contrast to the lobster rolls I had in New England last year. The New England lobster rolls were very simple, with just melted butter or a film of mayonnaise. This was much more fancy, in a West Coast way: the menu description of the crab roll was "Field greens, tomato, avocado, grainy mustard-mayo on fresh Le Panier baguette". It was delicious; I really liked the sweetness of the crab.

Lori ordered the rustic tuna melt ("White albacore tuna salad, mozzarella, tomato, red pepper aioli on grilled rosemary bread") and found it good but not outstanding.

From Pike Place Market, we strolled across to the Seattle Aquarium, to use our Citypasses. The Seattle Aquarium is a nice aquarium, with a focus on the ecology of Puget Sound and the local waters. But most of the aquariums that I've visited over the last several years have a similar ecological focus, so I'm not sure that I recognize the Seattle Aquarium as a must-visit museum.

Outside the museum, we saw people carving a totem pole, with signs explaining that it was the first totem pole carved in Seattle in many years.

The other use we made of our unexpected CityPasses was to take the boat tour of the bay. This was very pleasant, and would be something I'd recommend to other visitors. We had beautiful weather, and saw a lot of sights of Seattle's downtown, islands in the bay, and the Port of Seattle.

We were told that these giant globes were involved with missile defense, and that this globe's home was off the coast of Alaska.

I was very impressed by the sheer size of the cranes used for loading container ships. The folks operating those cranes are looking down through glass beneath their feet - which means that they're looking several stories down as they work.

For dinner, we got together with Sean, Jane, Rachel, and their kids at Hamburger Harry's, a burger joint in Edmonds.

The major thing I recall about my blue cheese burger was that it was extremely messy--it took a stack of napkins to handle the mess. But I was paying more attention to the company than to the food.

We then went off to watch Edmonds' fireworks. Parking was a challenge, and we ended up needing to walk several blocks to join our friends - but that's the normal way of fireworks.
I tried out the fireworks setting on our new camera, only to learn that shooting fireworks really wants a tripod. But the jiggly photos are kind of nifty in a nonrepresentational way.
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