Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Here We Go, PSO: Answered

Back in January, I asked how long it would take an orchestra to arrange and perform a radio-quality symphonic version of the Steelers fight song. Now I have an answer.

On September 10, at our neighborhood picnic, I met and chatted with Elden Gatwood, who was the principal oboist for the Pittsburgh Symphony for 25 years. He had a lot of fascinating stories about being the only oboist in Nashville, playing in the Philippines in wartime, orchestra politics in the Cleveland Symphony, spending time with Igor Stravinsky, and his current jam sessions with the viola de gamba.

In the course of that conversation, I asked him how long it would take to create that symphonic "Here We Go Steelers". His answer: five minutes at the end of a rehearsal, or possibly two such five-minute sessions.

Now I know!
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