Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Pandemic Sep-21-2011

We won our first 7-Epidemic game today. (Three players, Dispatcher, Scientist, and Medic.)

It was very tense; in our last set of turns, we decided to sprint for victory, knowing that if we drew an Epidemic at any point, we would probably lose the game. We had so many three-cube spots on the board that we considered it reasonably likely that if we drew an Epidemic, we could lose by exceeding the Outbreak limit (by getting ten outbreaks on a turn), run out of yellow cubes, and run out of blue cubes at the same time.

We also managed one turn in which the Medic managed to remove twelve cubes in a single turn, by walking through four cities full of red cubes in a line. This is not a theoretical limit, but it's definitely on the very high side of the distribution curve.
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