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Sunday night, Sean was talking about his plans, and mentioned that his brother Chuck was coming through Pittsburgh en route from Ohio to Washington DC, and that he was planning to eat dinner with him Monday night. He also asked if Chuck could spend the night. I said that I thought it would be okay, but that I would have to ask Lori. I then forgot to do so. (Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.)

Chuck did stay with us, and it wasn't a big problem. (It's so cool to have a house big enough that we can handle a second houseguest without much difficulty.)

So this morning, we made waffles in our new waffle maker. (For those keeping track at home, I should point out that we also used the nifty new whisk, though it was really superfluous for beating the egg yolks.)

As I made waffles, Lori made Maple Blueberry Syrup. It was all really lovely, with crisp fluffy waffles that nicely soaked in the yummy syrup. This was one of the best breakfasts I've had in quite some time.

Now I'm thinking of going in a different direction and making savory waffles with nice herbs, and topping them with a good tomato coulis. That would be unusual, but I think it could be very nice.
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