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Bluebonnets, Bats, and Barbecue: April 15, 2013: Mellizoz Tacos and Gourdough's Donuts

Monday was the day that most embodied the title of this report.

We started with a request from Amy: she was keen to visit Summermoon Coffee, because they offered coffee that was roasted with a wood fire. I don't drink coffee often, so the sips I took just tasted like coffee to me; perhaps Amy can contribute an opinion of whether this makes a perceptible difference.

I've added this table card to my collection of Roadfood signage because of the edit that was made; one small edit can make a great deal of difference to the implications of a sentence. (Though "toy" more accurately represented what I saw.)
Restroom Key

Our breakfast destination was one that Chris had particularly asked for: Gourdough's donuts. I'd rescheduled this trip from Saturday morning because of Chris and Amy's late arrival, but when I had rescheduled it, I hadn't checked my notes for their opening times. I remembered that they opened at 8, but I had forgotten that they only opened at 8 on Saturday. So we arrived at 9:40 to find that Gourdough's opened at 10am. (They are open until midnight on most days and 3am on weekends - many food trucks seem to cater to night owls.)

So with a bit of time to kill, we turned to the adjacent taco truck, Mellizoz Tacos. This was just as well, because Chris and Amy hadn't yet had a chance to eat a great breakfast taco.
Mellizoz Tacos

We ordered the 04, which included eggs, bacon, avocado, beans, and cotija cheese. This was amazing, and the picture does not do it justice. The avocado and cheese made it very rich and luscious, and the bacon helped make it super flavorful. This was definitely the best breakfast taco of our trip, and this is the taco whose memory makes me salivate two months later.
It was also very messy, though - through some trick of geometry I haven't wholly figured out, a tortilla that is large enough to contain a taco's worth of fillings cannot be cut into two half-tortillas large enough to contain a half-taco's worth of fillings.
The 04 at Mellizoz Tacos

As we finished that taco, Gourdough's had put out their menu board:
Gourdough's menu

We ordered two donuts and split them each four ways. I was tempted to order more because there were so many interesting flavors, but this was a good choice - one taco and two donuts were more than enough to keep us full for quite a while.
Gourdough's Donuts

The Miss Shortcake was topped with cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries, and by my lights, anything with that many strawberries has got to be good. But it was much better than I expected, because under a pile of frosting and strawberries the size of my face, there was a really light, crisp donut. A lesser donut such as one from Krispy Kreme would have gotten crushed under the toppings; this was capable of playing off the toppings to make a really delicious combination of tastes and textures.
Miss Shortcake

The Flying Pig ("bacon with maple syrup icing") was a great success as well. I tend to be suspicious of layering bacon with donuts because of the problem of layersquish. If you layer a soft donut (again, think Krispy Kreme) with a piece of bacon that requires a bit of gnawing or sawing to sever, the donut will be crushed and tattered by the process of cutting the bacon. But the Flying Pig soared over that trap - the bacon was crisp enough to break easily with a fork, and the donut was strong enough that it was easy to get all three flavors in every bite.
Flying Pig

Everything we ate that morning was fabulous, and I'm so glad that there were four of us to share everything - Gourdough's donuts are so massive and filling that I don't think I could have done justice to more than one if it had been only Lori and I eating.
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