Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Work over the Weekend

Late Friday night, I posted on how I'd been working so hard at my job, ending with "I am very tired. Good night."

Well, I was tired. But I couldn't fall asleep.

So I eventually got up and worked on that stuff for an hour and started a run, and went back to bed at 2:30. This time I made it to sleep.

At 9:00 or so, I woke up to work on the drains with my father-in-law. But before he got there and we got to work, I went to the computer and started another run.

After we finished on the drainpipe for the day, I worked for another few hours before we went out to dinner.

As we drove over to meet David and Stacy, I kept obsessing about work, and what I could do to track down various bugs.
Fortunately, I managed to avoid obsessing too badly during dinner.

We got home after midnight, and I still looked at results and started a run before bed.

On Sunday, I worked pretty heavily on this stuff during the day, and found myself obsessing about work again at dinner with Willie and Laura. I do hope I wasn't annoying with how I was geeking out--it wasn't the company, it's just that I'm so tightly wrapped about this.

And really, I don't think it's good. All last week, I was coming home frotzed from focusing so hard on this project. And I fear that obsessing about it so over the weekend prevents the weekend from being restful, resulting in a net decline in productivity. But that's water under the bridge now.

On Monday, then, I ended up trying to explain all the problems I'd discovered to Mark during the weekend. I'm not sure what was going on there, but we were having real difficulty in communicating; I was having trouble understanding what he was saying, and he was having trouble understanding what I was trying to say. As a result, the debate about what I was doing and whether it would hose us in other ways lasted for a grueling hour and a half. Bleah!

But we found a workaround for the grotty inconsistency I complained about on Thursday. And I think there's only one more change that needs to be made...
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