Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

David and Stacy

Saturday, we got together for dinner with David and Stacy, who were in town.

After some uncertainty but no real difficulty with finding Stacy's mother's condo, we met them. We saw their baby Julian, who of course looks dramatically different since we last saw him six months ago. Then Julian was left with his mother while we went off to Don Pablo's.

Two things really made the evening pleasant for me: margaritas and geekery. Starting the evening with a big margarita turned out to be exactly what I needed to unwind from being so tightly wound from work.

On the geekery side: the conversation split into Lori and Stacy having their own conversation, while David and I talked heavily about RPGs, particularly Adventure and D&D. I really enjoyed the geeking--I really hope we can get together for a weekend game of Adventure some time.
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