Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Sunday Dinner, Nov-11-2001

It's been too long since we had this dinner, and I've forgotten most of the details of what we served. Oops.

If I recall correctly, we wanted to make a dairy kosher meal, so we served Penne With Two Cheeses, which is basically an upscale macaroni and cheese with sundried tomatoes and havarti cheese. Havarti is a really nice cheese for melting in macaroni and cheese and omelets and so forth; I really like the creamy tang.

For dessert, we made Apple-Pear Crisp, which came out very nicely.

After dinner, we played Zombies!!!. I still have some mixed feelings about this game.
On the plus side, it has the right feel for a game about zombies--there are zombies everywhere, and lots of zombie-killing. And the rules are very simple.
On the minus side, though, the game has taken too long in the two games we've played. ("Too long" is a subjective judgment, but a unanimous one.) I wish I knew a way to make it play in 45 minutes.

Penne with Two Cheeses
Apple-Pear Crisp

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