Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


A week ago, on November 17, I spent the day playing games at Dani and Monica's house. It happened that I came in second in each of the three different games.

First we played History of the World (the Avalon Hill version). I came one point short of winning. I keep thinking of little ways I could have played differently to win. Some notable events of the game:
- The Sumerians and the Babylonians survived until the modern day.
- I invited the normally-useless Mayas and Aztecs civilization to be played on me, because I had a card that could earn me another few points from them.
- Dani managed a great comeback in the final round, largely from going late in round six and early in round seven.

I enjoy History of the World, though playing it every eight months is probably the right frequency. I would consider acquiring it.

That game lasted through dinner. After that, we were all feeling more tired, and Johan brought out "Star Fleet Battle Force", which is the a card-game version of Star Fleet Battles. I think it has more or less the same relationship to Star Fleet Battles that Car Wars: the Card Game has to Car Wars.

It was a fairly fun game; it had the right feeling. I've hardly ever watched Trek, but the card game had the Trek terms I've heard, and those concepts seemed to behave in the right way. I would consider getting this game.

After that, I brought out Space Beans. This is vaguely similar to Bohnanza, but it doesn't have the same sort of player interaction. This meant that the game ended up going very quickly with not too much conversation--it was probably the right thing if other people felt as tired as I did.

It was extremely foggy driving home, so much so that I had to be within a few car-lengths to be able to see a red light. I crept home with utmost caution and was glad to make it safely.
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