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Strong Drink is a Mocker

Well, actually, not quite. It's Laura and Sean who are the mockers.

Laura, Willy, Sean and I went out to Chiodo's last night and had dinner and a few beers, then went back to our house for margaritas and other liquor.

Beer specifics:
I had a "Sublime" hard raspberry lemonade. It was a good fruity chick drink; I might get that instead of the hard lemonade for our next party.
Laura had a peach lambic (Mmm) and a Foster's.
Willie had a Guinness and a lighter Belgian beer starting with a d whose name I don't remember. (Duvel?)

The margaritas were made with Williams-Sonoma margarita mix (bought with wedding gift money). We used the colored margarita glasses and the pitcher that we had gotten on sale for $5 with wedding gift money. I was very pleased with them; from the price, I had thought they might be nasty plastic things, but they had a nice weight and shape, and the colors were nice jewel tones, and the crystal pitcher did look nice.

Sean and Laura, as always, get along like brother and sister. They call each other names, shout insults at each other, and generally carry on. It's so much fun.

We all had enough alcohol to lose some of our inhibitions, and it was really nice to be in a safe environment with close friends, where it was safe to be uninhibited. It was lively and boisterous, but it was also kind of caring and sweet. My habit of old was to avoid alcohol, but there is something to be said for this sort of safe uninhibited happy time.
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