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Survey Question

Last night, there was banter about the survey that three of us had filled out in our journals.

I suggested that it might be better to just take one question at a time and let that disseminate through a local community. My thought that asking one question at a time might foster more discussion and commentary.

So, to try this idea out, I suggest a question:

Question: What would it mean for you to be one notch richer than you are now?

(I'm not sure I'm phrasing this question well. I don't mean to pry about dollar values; I'm more curious about how we define the notches of the financial yardstick.)

My Answer: The smallest notch up is the notch where I feel that we're making more than our living expenses and tax liabilities.
The next notch above that is where I feel able to buy a few luxuries as well as save well enough to re-establish our emergency fund in a reasonable timeframe.
The next major notch above that is the notch where we could have children and raise them in the lifestyle to which I've become accustomed without Lori needing to work. Who knows, we might get there.
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