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I hit the library again yesterday evening on the way home from work.

I made a major pleasing discovery:
On my last visit, I had believed that that library had five Perry Mason books, and I was pleased that all five were books I haven't read.
On this visit, I realized that I had been overlooking another five shelves full of Perry Mason books. Not all of those will be new to me, but I counted at least twenty books I hadn't read.

There were 85 books featuring Perry Mason; by my count, I've read 31 of them. I really enjoy them; I enjoy the comfort of their established pattern, but I'm still entertained by the variations.

I checked out two of those books. I also checked out "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" to be a short video Lori and I could watch together before she went back to her work.

The video didn't really thrill me; the pacing of the Peanuts videos tends to be a bit slow for my tastes. But it was nice for us to have some time together.

I also ended up reading both Perry Mason books that evening. Both were thrilling romps.

I returned the two books and the video today and checked out another Perry Mason book. Given how busy Lori's going to be with the last week of class, perhaps I should check out another.
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