Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Tax-Driven Cleaning

Pennsylvania demands that you file estimated taxes with a PA-40ES(I) form, which they send you once you're enrolled in the system as someone who needs to pay estimated taxes. If you're not in the system, you have to go down to the tax office and get a PA-40ESR(I) and use that, after which you get sent PA-40ES(I) forms. You can't get even the PA-40ESR(I) online, much less the PA-40ES(I).

The PA-40ES(I) forms are personalized, so it makes a little sense that you are supposed to use those when you have them. It makes less sense that you can't get the PA-40ESR(I) online, and that the PA-40ES(I) says "photocopies or other facsimiles of this form are not acceptable."

It turns out that the reason for these two facts is that the forms are color-coded. I guess it makes sense that having the forms color-coded would be at least a weak reason for those restrictions, but I'm not convinced that that's such a good thing.

The point of all this exposition is that it was time to file estimated taxes yesterday, but I was unable to find my PA-40ES(I) forms. I believed that they were somewhere in the paper-storm of the computer room, but they weren't in the pile where I expected them to be.

So I did the first pass of cleaning the room, that of sorting all the paper in the room into piles--trash, CDs, software, Lori's stuff, my stuff.

Just doing this made a big difference to the appearance of the room. There are obvious next improvements that I didn't get to, like throwing away the trash piles, but already the room looks much better.

And I found the forms that I needed.
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