Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

GURPS Geekery

Our last session of Kevin's GURPS game was fairly uninteresting for me. We spent most of the time in petty bickering about what to do.

But we got treasure. Whee! Apparently, this was one of the best hauls this party has ever gotten.

And in the treasure, we found a fairly nifty magical sword--shatterproof, extra damage, and loyal--i.e., it returns to its owner's hand when it's dropped or thrown. Other people have their own magic stuff, so this might go to Meat (my big barbarian character) or to Merith, the junior NPC along with us.

Unfortunately, Meat doesn't have much experience with a sword. He's far better with an axe or club. So we let Merith have the neat sword.

But I've been reconsidering that somewhat... it's true that Meat is poor at using a sword up close, but due to some of the wackinesses with GURPS's skill system, he has a better chance of throwing the sword than anyone else does.

And there's something decidedly kewl about the idea of throwing a sword in combat.

(But I need to figure out whether the loyal sword would interfere with close combat...)
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