Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


As I mentioned before, the strongly-recommended film The Bread, My Sweet is set at Enrico's Biscotti in the Strip.

By more-or-less coincidence, on Monday we had watched The strip Show, the Rick Sebak special on the Strip District. This video included an interview with Larry Lagattuta, the owner of Enrico's.

(By the way, Enrico's has also been featured on the radio show The Splendid Table (8 minutes into this show) and by Jane and Michael Stern's Roadfood (their review).)

Anyway, I quite liked the interview with Larry on The Strip Show. Larry used to work as a computer jock (for AT&T, I believe) before he resigned to work in the strip, and his geek nature clearly shows through. Some choice quotes:

"So basically, that's my top secret plan for world domination."

"Yeah, I've got all the cool toys here."

But I also really enjoyed him talking about sharing recipes with old Italian women, with him asking "Why is this recipe special for you?" and then making it together in his shop. That seemed so special and caring to me.

I have not actually visited Enrico's yet, but I'd really like to do so.
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