Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Sunday Dinner, Feb-3-2002

I neglected to post these Sunday dinner entries through the month of January. I guess those will be lost to posterity.

This week, we prepared as an entree Slow-cooked Jamabalaya-style Red Beans and Rice from the January issue of Pillsbury Classic Cookbooks. As you might guess from the title, this is an inauthentic Cajun-inspired dish of Stuff in Sauce, served over rice. But it was very tasty, and actually reminded me pleasantly of the first inauthentic version of red beans and rice that I enjoyed in Stanford Food Service. (The key to matching my inauthentic tastes seems to be the use of dark red kidney beans instead of red beans.)

We spent quite a while in conversation before deciding to play a game. We finally broke out Therapy, which Laura and Willie had given us some time ago. I found the game somewhat unsatisfying overall, both because the rules made the final run for victory extremely easy, and because the questions themselves were often ill-posed and too obscure to offer good guesses. But there was some opportunity to talk about questions that were interesting but not as serious as, say, Scruples. The main lesson I carried home from these questions was that I assume far too much that other people are basically like me. I would do well to remember this.

Deanna started doing the "aggressively apathetic" thing she does, which always leaves me nonplussed.

After dinner, Lori assembled a very tasty peach trifle of leftover wedding cake. Unfortunately, after we had all eaten, we were not sufficiently vigilant, and the kittens managed to lick up some of the whipped cream. Sigh. The kittens have really been frustrating me lately.

Slow-cooked Jambalaya Style Red Beans and Rice
Peach Trifle

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