Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


David and Stacy Wendt and their ten-month old son Julian came to stay with us on Thursday night, leaving Sunday morning.

Coincidentally, I started feeling vaguely sick (drained of energy, sore throat, headaches, some body aches) on Wednesday or Thursday, and still feel some of the effects. So I'm afraid that I wasn't nearly as good of a host as I had hoped to be. David, Stacy: my apologies.

On Friday, they and Lori went off to Do Stuff, but I stayed home from work and slept most of the day.

Friday night, we went out to Koto Buki with a bunch of people. I'd never been before; I found the sukiyaki very tasty, comparable with the sukiyaki I remember fondly from my family's trip to Japan.
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