Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Valentine's Celebration

To briefly summarize the romantic parts of our week:


On Tuesday, Eli came over, and we made truffles together to give to our respective ladies.

I used to make candy for Lori as a surprise, but after three or four years, we have ceased trying to keep it as much of a secret from Lori.

Eli and I didn't work together as smoothly as Lori and I do, but that's to be expected.
It was nice to talk with Eli, too. He told me some things about upcoming events in his life that I was glad to hear. (I'm being vague because it is not for me to tell that part.)
Some notes about the truffle-making:
- we neglected to add the Grand Marnier at the right time, but it seemed to work out all right anyway.
- Once again, the truffles came out very shiny and cohesive, not gooey like some truffles I've made.


On Wednesday, I intended to get flowers for Lori, but the florist I intended to visit is no longer in business. Oops.


On Thursday, we had planned a chocolate party at my company. Lori had made some wonderful brownies topped with raspberry jam and chocolate ganache, and we had planned that she would come by in the afternoon to join the party.

I bought some flowers at a street corner with the intention of surprising her with them at the chocolate party.

During the day, the payroll issues with the company suddenly got resolved, and in order to get direct deposit set up as soon as possible, I went home to get our checkbook.

As I was driving home, Lori was driving to Queria, and she saw me driving home. So she figured that the party was off for some reason, and went home herself.

Oops. So she was at home, I was back at work, and she had missed the party. This made both of us sad, particularly her. She did finally come in, but I regret this happening.

We had planned to eat at home that night, to avoid the extra-expensive Valentine's day dinners and have a nice dinner out later that weekend. But there we were at Queria, somewhat late, and hungry. So we went to Tessaro's. We did manage to get a private table, in the back next to the coffee and soda machines, so it was about as romantic as Tessaro's can be.

At home, we exchanged presents. For Christmas, Lori had wanted opal earrings to match the pendant I had gotten her on our honeymoon, but I'd gotten other things. So for Valentine's Day, I got her a pair, since I'm never afraid to shoot fish in a barrel when such a gift-choosing opportunity presents itself.
We also exchanged homemade candy--the truffles I had made, and pecan pralines she had made for me.


Friday, I had taken off of work. But Lori had to go do school observations, so I was alone and idle for most of the day. This was actually really good for me. I did nothing in particular, and it helped.

In the evening, we dressed up nicely to go out to Cafe Sam for dinner. The choice of restaurant was something of a compromise between my feeling financially cramped because of tax issues, and our desire to have a nice dinner in a romantic atmosphere. Cafe Sam is a pretty good place for such a dinner, if one is cautious about one's choices. Unfortunately, those tensions did come up again about our meal choices, because the prix fixe four-course dinner looked very tasty, but was about twice the price I was hoping to pay.

We managed to get beyond those tensions, though, and we had a nice dinner. I had the penne with corned beef and dijon mustard sauce; Lori had the veal with artichokes and perhaps roasted red peppers. Lori had the chocolate mousse for dessert, which brought back happy memories of other times she's had chocolate mousse on our dates there.


We had debated a bit about what to do on Saturday. Lori had wanted to have a nice date out, with ideas like going to the ballet or to a good movie; I was strongly in favor of spending the whole day together at home, without being distracted from each other (including ignoring the phone, staying off the net, and so forth). We agreed to my plan, though we didn't quite manage to achieve it. To that end, we did grocery shopping for the weekend late on Friday night, to try to avoid the need to go out on Saturday.

Saturday was really a day of showing our love through food. (And sex, but I'm not going to go into detail about that.)

To begin with, I made a breakfast for Lori from the Cookwise cookbook: Omelet Souffle with Dark Cherries and Mascarpone Honey Sauce. My stars, this was tasty. It was light and airy and sweet, almost like hot divinity. And the taste of the orange zest and Grand Marnier and the sweet cherries with their juice made it all just heavenly.
I did overcook the omelet souffle a bit, and there was a certain taste of burnt sugar in places, but it was still tasty.
(And let me put in a plug for our Calphalon Professional II nonstick cookware--not only could this frying pan go from range to oven, but after we had overcooked eggs and sugar on it, those notoriously stubborn foods cleaned right off. Whee!)

I'll skim over the afternoon.

In the evening, it was Lori's turn to treat me. She made the Radiatore with Grilled Chicken, Bocconcini, and Basil from our Cucina Viansa cookbook (a souvenir from our trip to the California wine country on our honeymoon). This was lovely, with lots of fresh flavors. We paired it with the white Merlot that Lori's sister Heather had given us as a wedding present; it was a very good combination.

We ate dinner by candlelight in the dining room, where there was less clutter of the everyday to distract us from each other. This was a good idea; it made it feel like a special date at home. And we were surrounded by tokens of people who loved us there--all the furniture was gifts from family, and most of the things we could see. It was very nice--we should do that again.


Lori's playing Great Big Sea downstairs, and "As Fast As I Can" is playing right now. Once again, this is bringing tears to my eyes. I really fear sometime that people might not realize how much I love Lori--most particularly, I worry that I might lose sight of that. And that would be tragic.


Whew, what a long entry. Leave a comment for me if you made it all the way through. :)
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