Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton


I felt good about yesterday's D&D session.

The players decided to press on until they were really desperate, in hopes of rescuing the girl right away.

It turned out that the module had provided some rooms that were full of dormant cockroaches, which did a nice job of making the players nervous while letting them get through without too much actual trouble (though with some strong hints from me, which is okay).

They were suitably creeped out by the discovery of the dead occupants of the house, too.

The players showed very good tactics in the final climactic battle:
- They used their true strike scrolls to good effect.
- They closed the door to keep out the other cockroaches, which was a big win. (Which was designed to be a good idea available to them.)
- Flame Blade turned out to be darn cool for the druid, and allowed her to do some serious butt-kicking.

Even so, things got exciting at times--the fighter was down to 2 hit points of his original 31, and Liandra's wolf was disabled. But they were very aware that the fight could have gone much worse for them.

All this was really what I wanted. It was good for them to be able to get through to the end without having to stop to rest, but to be worried about whether they'd be able to make it through intact.

And everyone was amused when, after Prolix the gnome finished cutting the halfling girl free, she ignored him and ran to put her arms around Kyle the halfling, saying "my hero!"

I believe this was a solid B+/A- gaming session. Not necessarily a perfect session, but a very satisfactory one. I would be more than pleased if all our sessions were this good.
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