Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Casa D'Ice

Did I mention to y'all the extreme disappointment of Casa D'Ice?

On Friday, we were in a mood to go out to dinner, but couldn't think of anywhere to go. So we decided to go driving, looking for a restaurant we hadn't been to before.

This turns out to be harder than it might seem. We didn't really know where to find good non-chain food, and driving down route 30 meant that we were going quickly enough that we didn't have time to discuss a place before the moment of decision was past.

We ended up at Casa D'Ice, which is a two-story building at the top of a hill with a decoration of neon icicles outside. I guess this proves the power of being eye-catching.

We both chose the Lenten specials, Lori because it was a Friday in Lent, me because they were cheaper than most of the menu.

The food was HORRIBLE. All of it. The fish sandwich was flavorless. The macaroni and cheese was nasty. The haluski was dismal. It was all bad.

I am proud of myself for saying, "I'm not enjoying this food, and it's not adding to my health to eat it. I will stop now." I have a big tendency to eat everything on my plate, even if it's bad.

I intend never to return to Casa D'Ice again. It was the second worst restaurant experience I can remember, second only to Mr. Ribbs.
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