Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Yet Another Goddamn Financial Crunch

The last time I looked at our finances, I figured that if we could save $1000 per biweekly paycheck, we could be okay for income taxes. That would mean saving $2000 for March, in particular. This would be difficult but feasible.

Last night, I sat down to look at our financial state. The short form of it: we've managed to save about $1000 during March. Car repairs and our St. Patrick's Day party were most of what ate up the rest.

I think we can still squeak through and pay the taxes, but just barely. It means just a few hundred dollars has to tide us over from now until the next paycheck. And then the April 5 paycheck will disappear into paying taxes, giving us just a few hundred dollars to make it through those two weeks, and then the April 19 paycheck will get eaten up by those bills. It won't be until mid-May until we get a bit of slack. (And in May, my sister is graduating, and we should go to that...)

And it means that I won't be taking my "allowance" for personal spending for April--if anything, I'll be giving some of my personal money back to the family to cover bills. And it means that I'll be delaying paying bills--the credit card bill will have to wait until the next paycheck, and the payment for the second mortgage may have to wait until later.

I think we'll still be able to afford a party for my birthday... I hope we can. Even so, I don't think we'll be able to have the sort of birthday celebration we'd wanted.

And of course it means that we're not going to get the trees removed this spring, and the wireless network I've been wanting to buy for a year and a half will go unbought a bit longer, and we hope that nothing expensive happens to the cars, the house, or the residents...

This will be the sixth time in a year and a half that nearly all of my/our savings have been clobbered.

I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I am sick of money being so tight. I hate feeling so apprehensive about our financial situation. I hate feeling that I have to count every penny. I hate feeling that I have to sacrifice my allowance for the financial health of the family.

I do blame Queria for a lot of this. Things would certainly have been easier if I had gone to MayaViz. I hope that Queria does well enough to make it turn out well.
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