Ralph Melton (ralphmelton) wrote,
Ralph Melton

Busy Week

Friday, June 14: Arts Festival, with the failed intent to see Entrain.

Saturday, June 15: Small birthday party with Lori's godchild Hailey. Harry Potter DVD with Kevin.

Sunday, June 16: Father's Day with Lori's parents.

Monday, June 17: Work together with Kevin on the map for my D&D campaign.

Tuesday, June 18: More Father's Day celebrations with Lori's parents.

Wednesday, June 19: Back to the Arts Festival to see the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Thursday, June 20: "Sunday" dinner, since we'll be unavailable two Sundays in a row.

Friday, June 21: Andy's GURPS game set in 1931.

Saturday, June 22: Drive down to DC for Heather's party.

Sunday, June 23: Anniversary of our wedding. We'll be celebrating this one privately.
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