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What I really want to do

Willie asks, "What would your profession be if money and training were no object?"

It's a tough question for me.

I think, really, there's a good chance that I would be a computer programmer as I am now.

I tend to be really outstanding (if I do say so myself) at "tactical" problem-solving, but not so good at "strategic" problem-solving. To put this into more coherent terms, I am really good at solving really thorny problems with making our code jump through hoops, but not so good at deciding, "We should build a program to do X." (Or "We should try to achieve this research goal", when I was a grad student.) Perhaps some day I will be better at that level.

So right now, it suits me to a T to be a senior code-wrangler without being the one who decides what applications to develop. I get the feeling of being very very good at what I do, and that's really what I crave from work and life.

As a digression, there are lots of professions for which I'd like to have the skills to do the job well, but probably wouldn't want to have that job even if I had the skills. This list includes:
Event Coordinator
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